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New Orleans, LA based singer that vocally flows between R&B, gospel, smooth pop, and hip-hop

In school, I was the goofy, smart, extroverted girl who would not stop dancing or singing!! I loved all things that were creative and inspired from imagination. Now... I do that for a living through music.

I got my start in music growing up in church. I sang in the kids choirs, sang at school, and with groups of friends. I started playing instruments at 11, by 13 I started writing poetry, and then moved on to writing songs. I started taking music more seriously and started recording music in highschool by friends houses. Sometimes we would stand in those sweaty closets and swear we'd just recorded the best songs in history.

After highschool, I became a mother, went to college and started a career in I.T.  After a few years went by, I realized that I was not as happy because I wasnt following my passion.


In 2014, I had an opportunity to do the Pregame show for the Saints in Champion Square.. I had no idea what to expect. Getting on that stage to perform and seeing the crowd was crazy!! I made the decision at the moment to get back to what I loved and I havent had a regret since. Music and performing gave me my life back.

In 2019, I ran my own business in music, my own bands and shows on a weekly basis. I had the ability to play all around the French Quarter, birthdays, weddings, parties, you name it.  I'm greatful for all of the experiences because that created a stronger person inside of me.

I will not be the first or the last to say, "none of this is easy... but its definitely worth it".

Then 2020 hit! Nobody saw this coming or knew what to do. I personally battled Covid-19, twice. I was fortunate enough to fully recover, although some family and friends did not. It made me realize just how much life really gives us and it made me feel like I was truly blessed to still be here.

This pandemic has created a shift in most people I know. It made me face my fears daily. It made me realize that I am truly an artistic being that has so much to share with the world.

In the future, I'm definitely looking to tour, do festivals, concerts, etc. I want the entire experience... the good and the bad. I want the stories that come out of what we do to be told in my music and reach other girls and women like me. The ones who find love all over again through their passion

Natalie Cris is true to her artistry and to herself on and off  the stage

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